New Jersey Private Investigator Locate Missing Person Tips

New Jersey Private Investigator Locate Missing Person Tips. Trying to locate missing person, the more information you have – the better. Many times unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information available to work with, if this is the case trying to find someone can be a difficult, time consuming, frustrating and an almost impossible experience. Maybe you are trying to find a relative you have lost touch with. Maybe it is an old friend or acquaintance you wish reconnect with. Sometimes, the reasons are more prescient, such as the need to find a witness or to serve legal papers. The investigators at DLG Investigators are here to provide guidance and assistance in even the most difficult search.
The internet can provide you with a certain amount of free information to start your search; other times circumstances require the decision to hire a private investigator to find someone is the best option. By now you have used obvious means of finding someone, such as searching Google and various other search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites. If you have exhausted the traditional search options, finding someone online gets very time consuming and can get very expensive. A majority on line people locate sites will charge you and provide information which is outdated and inaccurate, this means you are back to square one and have to start all over. Our experienced investigators have access to only the most current databases and years of experience locating people to make your search a successful one.
If you’re looking for a an important witness for a high profile case, long lost loved one or biological relative the experienced private investigators at DLG Investigators have access to professional proprietary databases which are reliable and unavailable to the general public. The information the investigators we have access to is the most up to date information available. Locating that most important people is one of the primary functions of our business; we can sort out the good information from the bad in order to locate your witness or loved one as quickly as possible.
If you are tired and frustrated from your futile attempts to locate someone, the private investigators can perform a fast, accurate, customized search with guaranteed results. Our search areas include but are not limited to Red Bank, Neptune, Sea Girt, Middletown, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and Nationwide. Our fees are reasonable and will provide you with the most current information on any individual.

NJ Private Investigator offers Witness Statement Tips

NJ Private Investigator offers Witness Statement Tips, a witness statement is a summary of the oral evidence that a witness will give at trial. The purpose of the witness statement is to set out the evidence of the witness. As professional private investigators at DLG Investigations, our primary function is to gather facts. One of our primary forms of fact-gathering is the witness statement. Statements, of course, take many forms: handwritten signed statements by witnesses, type written statements of the witness taken by private investigators and signed by the witnesses, and audio and video recorded statements which are all widely used in civil and criminal litigation.

Legal cases are only as strong as the evidence that supports it. Strong evidence must be thoroughly documented, whether it be by written word, video or photographic documentation or demonstrative means. What witnesses know may help, but it also may not. At DLG Investigators we know there are many ways to approach witness statements in personal injury cases, whether it is an auto accident, a slip and fall case, a dog bite, bicycle accident, a wrongful death case or any other type of civil litigation, our trained private investigators have the skills to help you. The private investigators at DLG Investigators who conduct interviews and obtain statements have hundreds of hours of training in interviewing, interrogations and statement taking, and possess extensive backgrounds in law enforcement which provides them with the unique ability to accurately document the interview and statement in a professional manner.

DLG Investigators can obtain detailed statements for your case. Our investigators will review all the facts of your case, prepare a pre-statement interview, and once the interview is completed, ensure that a formal statement is documented or recorded. All statements taken by our private investigators at DLG Investigators are accompanied by professionally written investigative reports.

We are flexible when scheduling witness statements, striving to facilitate a stress free and convenient meeting location. DLG Investigators provides witness statements for the finest law firms in New Jersey.